Seoul, Take 1..

It was a weekend of firsts; visiting Seoul and going to a professional soccer game at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

We left early Saturday morning in order to wander around the city for a while before catching Korea vs Australia which started that night fußball manager kostenlos downloaden vollversion. The bus ride from Gwangju to Gangnam Center City Terminal in Seoul took approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes. Walking through the entryway to the subway from the bus terminal, I saw it… stretching nearly 12 feet across and 8 feet high — — the Seoul Metro Map lohnzettel herunterladen. “Where’s the fucking ‘you are here’ arrow?” I remember thinking. Thankfully, the Veteran explorers in my company made quick sense of the spaghetti pile, and we were off mi a2 images. Destination Itaewon for some beers.

Seoul world cup stadium

“You are now leaving Korea,” one of the other foreign teachers joked as we stepped off the subway train geburtstagsschlumpf herunterladen. A dozen or so embassies and a major US Military garrison are in Itaewon. So as you might imagine, the population of foreigners is quite dense in this district herunterladen. We ended up in some Irish bar that might as well have been Finnegan’s Pub in Burlington, VT. The whole area was like this… familiar sites and sounds all around fortnite auf computer herunterladen. It was easy to forget where you were. In a place that was supposed to be anything but commonplace for a New Englander, it was too much like Boston or New York how can I download video from facebook.

a picture of 5 esl teachings on a break and posing for a photo

After the game, we swapped flags with a Korean and rushed off to catch the midnight bus back to Gwangju — — which we made with nearly 10 whole minutes to spare karaoke videos download kostenlos. Phew.