Teaching English

My first day of teaching

Nobody got hurt, broke out into tears, or told me to fuck off, so I’d call that a good day. The anxiety up until now was immense, you know, because I’ve NEVER WORKED WITH KIDS BEFORE herunterladen! Many questions I’ve been asking myself. How are students going to react when I take charge of the classroom? Will they listen, or just look and laugh kann man bilder von facebook herunterladen? Do I discipline them? Am I really about to go through with this?

Prior to my arrival, the rhetoric was much simpler testamenten. “Oh its different over there. They take education very serious, and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble at all with the kids.” It was foolish of me to believe that wikipedia seiten downloaden.

The bottom line here is that a seven year old is a seven year is a seven year old no matter where you are amazon stream herunterladen. They eat boogers, push, shove, scream, fart, and laugh their asses off for reasons I have long since forgotten. All that aside, they are a wonderful group of kids that read, write and speak English remarkably well for their age.  English TV and Movies has helped for sure; anything with glasses is called “Harry Potter.” 

Good behavior is rewarded with stickers, which they are gung-ho about getting; I miscounted how many one student was supposed to get today and he went ape shit ipad software update herunterladen. “Teachah! Teachahhh! You not give enough sticker!!” he screamed jumping up and down, violently shaking his sticker book with both hands. Jesus Christ, Timmy– calm the fuck down and get Teacher a glass of water hoe kun je netflix downloaden op je laptop! Bad Behavior is punishable a number of different ways. The older kids must stand in the corner with their hands above their heads, sometimes holding a trash can schmink spiele zum herunterladen. The duration for which they have to comply should never exceed their age i.e. 8 minutes for an 8 year old, etc..  If this method fails, its off to the revered Korean teacher they go kun je netflix download op je macbook. Say what you will about certain disciplinary actions being too jarring or abusive for a child, but the fear in their bright little eyes is absolute, and did not fail me in the classroom today tetris spiel herunterladen.