Twenty-eight hours and nearly 7500 miles later, we arrived safely in Gwangju, Korea on August 21st, 2009.

Because the teachers we were replacing had not yet vacated our apartment to be, the school had us post up in a motel for a week.

It was actually very nice; big flat screen tv, bath robes, couch, air conditioning, DVD player, robes, condoms, UV sanitation unit… Truly, a pimp room Buy and youtube movies.

The other foreign teachers, having gone through a similar arrival, jokingly referred to it as “the love motel” because of all the black lights and… umm… working girls youtube videos herunterladen app android. Shrouded dudes on motor bikes drop the women off to meet their gentlemen callers all hours of the night (and day). If customers choose to park their cars in the motel garage, the motel provides a license plate cover youtube logo herunterladen. Baseball card sized fliers promoting the various girls pepper the surrounding alleys, and new ones appear every other day. 

Stereotyping based solely on the sex fliers, Korean men must really enjoy bubble gum, lollipops, and Santa Claus 4k movies.

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