Teaching English

My First Full Week of Teaching

I could be out shopping for useless trinkets at the Saturday antique market down on Art St, but I’m laid up on the couch battling cemented nostrils and voicelessness. Fuck my life.

Well, they got me. First full week of teaching has come to a close, and instead of out getting ripped I’m sick with a massive soar throat and a sinus infection herunterladen. All the hand washing, Niacin, and Vitamin C supplements did nothing to prevent the students from casting a foreign affliction upon Teacher.

Had a few cryers this week; at least 4 that I can remember herunterladen. Based on my own experience and collected feedback from other teachers, these are the two most common situations which undoubtedly lead to a student in tears pdf downloaden android.

a korean child poking his cheeks

Scenario A: Still all fired up from the cartoon melee on television the previous night, one student will seemingly at random challenge another to a duel free youtubeer mp3 free chip. Typically, the weapon of choice is a colored pencil, chosen no doubt for its superior reach ability over a marker or crayon. Words are exchanged, and by the time you’ve turned around from the whiteboard to face the class, it’s too late wie viele serien kann man bei netflixen. The multi-colored sabers have collided, and the loudest you could hope to yell is but a raindrop in the monsoon. Next thing you know, Timmy has poked Billy in the neck and the fight is over dokus kostenlos downloaden. Silence ensues. Billy’s eyes begin to swell and all you can do now is comfort the poor guy (or girl) and hope they stop crying in a reasonable amount of time so that you might salvage some of your broken lesson plan google chrome für windows xp kostenlosen. Being that the verbal exchanges happen in Korean, no one (except the kids, and good luck getting a word out of them) can be really sure what actually started the conflict, but I guarantee it was over something fucking retarded kostenlos und legal bilder downloaden. They are only seven.

Scenario B: In the spirit of academic competition, you’ve opted to divide the class into teams and play a review game — — the idea being that they recall the answers from memory as opposed to just salvaging one from the textbook apps herunterladen magenta tv. Team G-Dragon has been doing pretty well, two points ahead of Team Heart Breaker (actual team names from my classes!), and there’s only three questions left herunterladen. Out of desperation, a member of Heart Breaker cheats and looks for the answer in the textbook when Teacher’s back is turned. Naturally, a member of the opposing team catches them in the act and goes fucking bananas, jumping up and down like a caged animal as they shout at the accused cheater (again, in Korean). Out of shame or embarrassment, the accused begins to cry, and Teacher is left to pick up the pieces. “What did you say to her? Nothing? She just started crying for no reason then? It’s off to the Korean Teacher you go, both of you, and you know what that means…”