Street Markets in Korea

Of all things interesting, random shit is the most.

Moon Handbooks: South Korea by Robert Nilsen recommended a trip to the outdoor antique market held on Art Street every Saturday. “On [weekends] only, this street turns into an art and antiques market called “Gaemi Marketplace” herunterladen. As someone that used to rummage through antiques and collectibles looking for things to sell on eBay, these types of flea markets really get me excited, so this promised to be a real treat steam download games. From the unfinished Grand Hotel, we walked North West until we spotted a moderately sized Buddhist temple on our right, wonderfully juxtaposed amongst the modern high rise buildings of downtown Gwangju smart tv amazon prime herunterladen. While strolling the courtyard taking pictures, a bald and slender fellow wearing a strange outfit approached. I have seen ads for his pants on Craig’s List ebook illegally.

Was cleaning out my closet and found a pair of burlap colored MC Hammer pants. Was going to burn them and dance around the flames to try and make it rain or something, but thought maybe somebody would want these herunterladen. They are the worst pants of all time. I have them all in a huge garbage sack sitting on the sidewalk. You must come pick up the bag if you want them. If anybody comes up and tears the bag, spilling those hideous things onto the street where my neighbors can see, I will be very unhappy macbook spiel herunterladen.

This was Wongak-Sa, and we had just met the lead Buddhist Monk herunterladen. He spoke good English and told us of his travels to America, and that the temple we were photographing cost $2 million. We talked for probably 30 minutes, then his cell phone rang, and he had to go monthly plan. Art Street is maybe 2 blocks from here.
Art Street Flea Market Gwangju
In reality, the “Gaemi Marketplace” is maybe 4 or 5 vendors tops netflix filme herunterladen am pc. I saw a lot of bells, books, pottery, paintings, watches, wallets, records (all shit), lighters, jewelery, silverware, sculptures, coins, buttons, knives — — mostly vintage, but there was a fair amount of cookie-cutter crap amazon prime videos auf mac downloaden. The whole thing spans probably 100 feet of sidewalk and can be thoroughly explored in about 10 minutes. Damn you Nilsen! Looking through a box of old coins, records and bootleg watches, I found a bronze knife about 8 inches long that looked unique. As I picked it up, the merchant approached and said “Korean knife. Yes? Korean knife”. I emptied my front two pockets, signaling that I did not have any money. He responded by giving me a firm slap on the ass. Hmmm, what could I use to cut the tension? A Korean knife? Yes… a Korean knife.