Another Day @Mudeungsan

What to do today… Oh, what to do today… How about some more hiking in Korea herunterladen? Seems that’s all I’ve been doing since the weather has turned nice.  Today’s adventure began with a cab ride from 봉선동 to the entrance of Mudeung Provincial Park at 증심사, where instead of the usual trek up the rabbit path towards 서석대, I veered right for a 1.9km climb up to Saeinbong (새인봉) good page to to series. Blessed with clear skies and perfect temperature, the trail was most crowded. Not 5 minutes into the hike, an old man slapped me on the back and said something to me in a native tongue which I could not comprehend the witcher 1 kostenlos downloaden. Shaking my head and saying to him (in Korean), “I don’t understand you”, the old man started laughing and grabbed my hand as he motioned for us to move onward samsung galaxy s9 apps herunterladen. Apparently, he just wanted someone to walk with, so I held this old dude’s hand as if he was my wife for 1/3 of the way up the mountain. Awkward herunterladen? Yeah at first, but he insisted, and I’d be damned if he was going to go the rest of his life telling his buddies about a rude and stupid American he met at Mudeung moodle herunterladen. So I imagined he was my grandfather and it was kind of nice. At the top I came across a group of hikers in their 20’s laying out food and burning incense as they stood in silence with lowered heads herunterladen. Upon further inspection, I discovered a framed picture of a young man as the centerpiece of their offerings. The nature of this memorial service lead me to believe that the circumstances of this young man’s demise were quite tragic, and I stood nearby for a moment in contemplation herunterladen. Decending from Saeinbong, I came across some random burial mounds just off the trail which are actually quite common around here (pictured above). Then there was the tomb of Ullim-dong, a stone burial chamber believed to be from the Baekje Dynasty vorlagen lebenslauf kostenlos downloaden. Yeah I don’t really know what that means either, but it was one of the only things mentioned in English on the plaque. Up close it looked like a big grassy igloo, but these particular types of tombs are apparently quite rare deutschrap alben kostenlosen. No idea who, when, or what, was buried there. Why do they even bother making English guides if their not going to include worth while information? From here, I ventured over to a temple which had a bunch of lanterns setup in preparation for Buddha’s Birthday celebration, which is this coming Friday. This is a big holiday over here and we will be heading to the second largest city, Busan, to witness some of the festivities.