Night Hiking in Korea: Mt Geumdang

mt Guemdang in Gwangju

Loaded up the backpack with some beers last night and set out on a night hike up Geumdangsan in Gwangju, my new favorite place for local hiking herunterladen. It would have been a lot better if Gwangju World Cup Stadium was lit up, but the scenery was no less amazing. FYI, the lights going up the main paths go out at midnight chip musik download kostenlos android.

Below is a view from the top during the day time, the opposite view of the above image. Finally found it after seven months into Korea this past weekend at the top of Mt songs on laptop. Geumdang right behind my apartment. The relatively easy climb divides the Namgu and Seogu districts of Gwangju, which has better scenery than even Mudeung mountain can offer on a clear day adobe photoshop cs5 download german free. At the top, we found a couple of old ladies selling shaved cucumbers and cold beers alongside boiled eggs and rice rolls. What a country.

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