Korean Food Life

Traditional Alcohol

Not this stuff.

No idea of the name, it was located in a basement near Chosun University, and filled with college students driverpack. The walls, suffering from years of Sharpie vandalism, looked more like a 3rd floor bathroom stall than a reputable establishment. “Call xxx-xxxx-xxxx for happy time” sims 3. I’ve always said, you can’t go wrong with happy time…

Above most of the main tables was a small loft lined with cardboard, where you could sit maybe five people at most besten netflix serien zum downloaden. We sat here, and it was just like 7th grade when I had my own tree house. Our friend ordered for us the seafood pancake, spicy pork and a famous Korean alcohol called 청조 whatsapp ringtone for free. The food arrived shortly. Included was an oddly out of place bowl of cold soup. Taking one sip of the balmy liquid with a small spoon, I nearly spat. “Umm, what kind of soup is this”? I asked. “That’s not soup. It’s alcohol”! our friend shouted. Hahahahahaha. Woops.