around Sajik Park, Gwangju

Winter is just about meeting it’s end here in Gwangju, South Korea. I’m not even sure if there was a winter. Being from New England, it’s hard to imagine the frosty seaon without sustained weeks of nut-chilling cold and sheets of ice herunterladen. What little snow Gwangju did manage to accumulate melted within 24hours — and I’m told this was a heavy year for snow in Jeollanam-do herunterladen. So in welcoming the apparent change of seasons, we took a walk through Sajik Park in central Gwangju this past Saturday; the oldest public park in the city herunterladen. Blue skies, hot dogs, birds chirping, and an old man hanging upside down from a jungle gym.

Tomorrow we leave for Beijing, China to celebrate the Chinese New Year programme zumen von videos aus dem internet. I expect it will be polluted, totally confusing, and balls out in your face overcrowded. I can’t wait!!

Elaine: He’s not a Communist George cattle and crops kostenlosen. He’s just very well read.

George: Yeah… or maybe’s he’s just very well red.