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Korean Street Food: Orange Parking Lot Tarps

Keeping in the spirit of wanting to try new things, I’ve been eating some weird stuff lately. On our way down from Mudeung Mountain yesterday, we stopped for a snack at what appeared to be a collapsing tool shed located just off the trail head at Jeungshim-sa herunterladen. On the menu? Chicken feet with Asian scallions, grilled over an open flame and mixed with long blubbery strips of God only knows what. This was not the first time for me eating some normally discarded chicken parts icloud kalender herunterladen. Two weeks prior, Erica and I went out drinking with a group of Koreans. Looking rather piqued, one of them leaned over the recently emptied fifth of tequila and said, “We will go to a special place now” herunterladen. Known to the Koreans as 포장마차 (pojangmacha), it literally translates to ‘covered wagon’.  But what is this ‘special place’ really herunterladen? ~A moveable bar on a covered cart in which liquor and beer is served with side dishes like octopus shit pile, chicken feet, and chicken ass.  Indeed, it turned out to be a line of open air kitchens, haphazardly arranged under orange tarps and wire frames just across from the Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown Gwangju kaspersky testversion kostenlos herunterladen. What exactly makes them ‘special’ is open for interpretation.

We ordered 3 bottles of Soju, bbq pork, fried chicken feet, and chicken “dong cheem” (literally translated as poop house) legendary welshly arms download kostenlos. That’s right, the ass —  carved up into bit sized chunks, fried, and served up as one extravagant shit pile. It was not very good. Actually, it fucking sucked bilder von huawei herunterladen. A mouth full of sandy rubber bands smothered in Tabasco sauce comes to mind. As for the chicken feet, they remove the bones before cooking, so the crunch comes from what I would assume to be the claws or scales download images from whatsapp. Not bad, but not good either.

I appreciate the Koreans not wanting to waste any part of the chicken. According to my Western expectations of how chicken should taste however, it’s going to take a lot more than hot sauce, sesame, and scallions to make chicken feet and “poop house” taste any better than they sound herunterladen.

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