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boseong green tea festival after children’s day

Over the weekend, we went to the Boseong Green Tea festival held in the neighboring town of — you guessed it — Boseong.

Other than the mistake I made of taking two buses to get there, it was a solid trip. Much to my protest, Erica decided to make her own Green Tea from a bag full of freshly picked leaves which took nearly 2 hours of mashing, mixing, and burning herunterladen. A local woman who spoke amazingly good English later explained to us that this was a real treat. Because it was the first harvest, and the tea had endured long winter months, it would be much stronger and have “real medicinal property” musik herunterladen cd. Really though, I think it tastes almost fish like. Guess I’ve never really had good green tea.

Last Wednesday was Children’s Day, an otherwise random day off during the week which gave us a much appreciated break from the insanity ern√§hrungsplan abnehmen kostenlos downloaden. A few noteworthy incidents to report from the last week include: A student vomiting at random during lunch from eating too much rice (or perhaps it was the fish water), another exploding into tears because I took his pencil case (he threw it across the room first), and during our field trip to the World Photonics Expo, one little girl hurled a rock at the head of another student (direct hit) fortnite season 8 for free. Never a dull moment at the unvarying six hour circus we call Kindergarten.

I went hiking up Mt Geumdang again —¬† a perfect way to relieve stress and forget about everything which does not concern another step upward and onward samsung galaxy s7 edge musiken. This time, I paid a vendor at the summit 3000 KRW for a beer. As a service, she gave me a plate of those delicious dried bait fish some of you folks back home had the pleasure of sampling (I threw them off into the woods when she wasn’t looking) for free rar unpacker.

Later that afternoon, I rode that so-called bike of mine along the river until I ran out of gas (metaphorically speaking). Pretty sure I ended up in the next town, but who knows pokemon music kostenlos downloaden.