Teaching English

The first day of school… again.

Kinder graduation has come and gone, and aside from a slew of technical difficulties, the show went smoother than soju. I may even opt for a career in professional back up dancing or traditional monster-ing once this teaching gig ends kostenlose metronom herunterladen. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Na nun sheem pahn jah!”

Now we have new classes and new students, which means all new confusion. For many of them, Monday was their first day of school ever herunterladen. Remember your first day of school? I remember being dressed like a bible salesmen and wearing really uncomfortable shoes that were ‘oh, so cute’ sd kartenleser windows 10en. Thanks mom. The first day of school for these kids was one hot mess. Some kicked, others screamed, and the sour expressions on many of their faces said it all herunterladen. “Fuck! This! Take me back to those worry free days of pant shitting and aimless wandering.” Some of these kids speak virtually no English, and I’m remembering a question many back home asked me before coming here: How do you teach English to children that don’t understand English herunterladen? Thankfully now I know the answer.