Teaching English


“What will you do for work when you return home from Korea? Oh, you don’t have a job yet? Yeah…. you’ll be back. No, seriously; everyone who says that ends up coming back. This is my third year, and I can’t imagine going home right now.”

Too often work gets in the way of things we’d rather be spending time with.

Been out of commission for a little while here now doing a lot more consulting, and a lot less Korea herunterladen. Just to recap for anyone looking at this blog for the first time, Screw War Let’s Teach has been home from the Land of Morning Calm since August 28th, 2010 the king of lions pc game for free. Reactions one year later? Still one of the greatest things we’ve ever done. Korea was great. And the whole teaching English thing herunterladen? You’ll just to read more to find out.

What’s interesting now is hearing what fellow ESL teachers have gone and done since fulfilling their teaching commitments herunterladen. Some are still abroad– a few even at the same school– and others have returned home to the doom and gloom of US economic news. For us here in the Northeast Kingdom, more has changed in the last year than perhaps even during our stay in the R.O.K herunterladen. For the better. For sure. But looking forward to an epic return to those glorious orange tents how can I download music legally.