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KOTESOL Conference Gwangju 2011

I’ve mentioned this acronym a few times, but this time it’s relevant to Gwangju legale musiken. KOTESOL is holding a conference in the City of Light this Saturday, March 12 at 12:30 p.m. Where, oh where? Chosun University (본관 Bon-gwan), North Wing (북쪽 2F).  Admission schufaen? Free! Do they serve Hite or soju at these events? Anyone? We definitely had plenty of alcohol for our Teacher’s Seminar Day. One item of particular interest might be the Young Learner Classroom Methods: Guiding Young Learners into the World of Extensive Reading, presented by Bora Sohn for KOTESOL’s Seoul Chapter suchspiele kostenlos downloaden. I’m curious if this is more for adults learning to read a foreign language, or children. The delivery methods would  change with the age group, but the presentation’s takeaway is likely the same: Make them want it mozila firefoxen.

You might also enjoy such topics as What Color is Your Personality? Mine is orange cd burner download for free. But that doesn’t really say a whole lot about me, other than being exceptionally bright of course. I’d also have to say ‘bubbly’.  Orange and bubbly, yes filme in 1080pen. Like Fanta! But not all the time. Mondays would be black and bitter.  Read more about the KOTESOL Conference in Gwangju here herunterladen.


ER (Extensive Reading. Finally, another acronym!) has gained great interest in Korea as an effective language learning approach harry potter kostenlos downloaden. Guiding young learners to become independent readers, materials must be introduced in a manner which provokes curiosity from the student. As a famous comedian once said, “Leave them wanting more.” Independent reading outside of the classroom should develop more naturally because the student actually wants to read arte mediathek video herunterladen. Materials alone cannot be depended upon. From a learner’s viewpoint, reading a foreign language book purely for pleasure is not as easy as it sounds.  It sounds more like work than anything else wine herunterladen. However, the Teacher can trigger a positive attitude towards reading, and even willingness to read in a foreign language, with thought-provoking guidance. This presentation will review the characteristics of extensive reading and how it can enriching the learner’s reading experiences.  The speaker will then show how teachers can adapt supplementary activities to help young learners find pleasure in reading and relate the stories to their lives.


Bora Sohn received her MA in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University (USA). She is the co-author and co-editor of several Juice series books (Reading Juice for Kids, Speaking Juice for Kids, Grammar Juice for Kids) published by E-Public of Korea. She is currently working as a teacher trainer at Paju English Village, training Gyeonggi Province public school teachers. In her free time, she enjoys reading children and young adult literature.