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Seoul Lantern Festival 2009

Polish up on yer chop-sticking, bow from the waist, and don’t forget to take your fucking shoes off because 2010-2012 is Visit Korea Year! That’s what I learned on our second trip to Seoul last year when we stumbled upon a very large, sugar cone-like plastic swirl across the street from City Hall lieder kostenlos herunterladen für handy. This turned out to be the beginnings of a lantern festival. Approximately fifty highly ornate paper lamps lit their way down the center of Cheonggyecheon Stream as the water calmly rushed beneath their plywood platforms youtube musik mp3en. We were struck by how difficult it must have been to assemble and run power to these contraptions in the middle of the water.  Maybe this happens every year around November 13th, or maybe we just got lucky waldgeräusche herunterladen. English brochures were not available. In memory of happy times, here are a few of the pictures we took. Enjoy!