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Swine Flu Hysteria in Korea

As October rears it’s weary head, Autumn foliage dots the jagged horizon with an array of different colors, and the weather finally feels like New England; cold, windy, and wet mp3 auf mac downloaden. It even snowed today, but not enough to stop all the Kias, Daewoos, and ram air hood scooped Mini-Vans from their high speed evening commutes. The cold weather has brought a familiar feeling of home, but unfortunately it has also brought the H1N1 virus devolo cockpit herunterladen. Several students have been absent for the past two weeks, and the Korean Ministry of Education has suggested that all schools and hagwons close for at least one week’s time to help contain the spread of the virus german rap. Here is an excerpt from yesterday’s Korea Times which gives further detail into how Korea is responding to the latest round of swine.

The guidelines say if more than two classes in a certain grade are closed, all students in the same year must stay at home battlefield 3 free full version german pc. If more than two grades of students have their classes suspended, the school is allowed to shutdown.
Also, if a district has over 30 percent of its schools close because of the flu, all schools in the district can be closed after Seoul’s top educator discusses the matter with school headmasters, parents’ groups and health authorities there sims 4 full version for free.

The article closes by saying that the government is raising the flu alert “to the highest level since the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs adjusted it to the second-highest level last July” saints row kostenlosen. One must wonder what it means exactly to “be at the highest level” of a flu virus alert.


At our school, we have random temperature checks and a few students are wearing masks gta san andreas kostenlos spielen ohne download. Our principal suggested that we (foreigners especially) avoid going out to crowded places throughout the month of November, but it seemed to be business as usual until today photos uit icloud. More of my students didn’t show up, and when I asked about one particular case of absence, I found out that a school right down the street had to be closed due to ‘influenza outbreak’ vox serienen. Given the guidelines mentioned above, this was more than likely a precautionary measure rather than a major outbreak, but it brought a level of seriousness to a situation that I had pegged almost entirely as media hype.