Teaching English

Mean Kids Give Teacher a Hard Time

Middle schoolers; if the sign said ‘pull’ they would push.  They are (without comparison) the most difficult group of kids for me to teach bridgespel download. Coming from a full day of school prior to arrival in my classroom, their behavior is most indignant; always interrupting the lessons with baiting questions or babbling non-sense mp4 converter kostenlos download deutsch. Are you married? How tall are you? Is your nose real?

“Teacher, what did you do this weekend?”

I met up with this friend of mine named G-Dragon (a well-known Korean Pop Star they obsess over) and we had a couple non alcoholic drinks, then played Starcraft until our eyes bled powerpoint folienen. He said he was famous or something. You ever heard of him?

“G-Dragon!? Really Teacher???”

Yeah. You want to meet him? I could arrange it — if you are sitting down, quiet, and listening all class to the lesson gta san andreas spielen kostenlos download.

“You lie, Teacher… You lie!”

It gives me a chance to connect with the students on a more personal level, so that is nice filme von kino ger downloaden. Recently, this backfired. One week after the above exchange, I got a journal entry from this one particular student titled I Hate You. It read,  “You, I don’t like download from rtl-mediathek. For false talking favorite man singer”.  She closed with, “friend say G-Dragon best in USA!! We are starting fan cafe. True. You are false!”  A week later during the same class, I turned around from the whiteboard, and everyone started laughing new flash player for free. Strange… I didn’t hear anybody fart, speak Korean, or hit them selves in the forehead. Then one them blurted out, “We are smarter than you, Teacher!” Sure you are, Sally xmind kostenloser download. Now let’s finish learning how to ask for more peas.

I found out (after the fact, of course) that one of the angels took my storybook and hid it in the back with the other books.  Those meddling little… Normally, not such a big deal, but when a fellow teacher needed to borrow the book after class, and I couldn’t find it in my basket, I wasn’t laughing amazon prime serie downloaden. Before seeing them again, the class was berated by two sets of Korean teachers and moved from the fifth to the first floor. Next week’s journal entries should be marvelous. ballermann hits 2017 for free.