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Holy Shit, the Building Next to us is on Fire!

It was an otherwise normal day this past Friday. One student sat in the corner and cried for attention, while another one more than likely shit their pants (I wasn’t sticking around to find out).  As we left the building at 6:00 P.M kassensystem kostenlosen pc. that evening, the smell of smoke permeated throughout the cold night air. “Must be another trash fire,” I said. Not even thinking twice about it, we walked home and made dinner tetris spiel kostenlos herunterladen. Fourty minutes later we got a phone call. “Umm, did you know that right next to your apartment is ECC on fire?” The smoke we noticed earlier when exiting the building was actually from the deconstruction project just next door to the school, as it was beginning to catch on fire origin herunterladen für mac. By now it was a raging inferno, threatening to take over the school on one side, and an electronics depot on the other. The school had just been evacuated and approximately twenty firetrucks and over 100 firefighters were now on the scene firefox addons filmeen. The whole bloody thing, just a few hundred meters down the street, and we almost fucking missed it!

I heard from a few locals that the building now in ruins was a showroom for high-priced apartment condos schadeformulier downloaden anwb. The real estate company which owned the property had gone bankrupt several months prior to my arrival in Korea, and was only recently having the showroom torn down adobe flash player 11.7.0. Not more than a week ago, a construction crew had removed all the stone tiling from the rectangular showroom’s outer shell, exposing a cheaply-made chipboard facade underneath tom tom home herunterladen. At the same time, they were loading up truck loads of obvious shit from the interior. Interestingly enough, just a few days later, they removed the last noticeable piece of value; a large electrical circuit breaker next to the school it is allowed to youtube videos. Then, after the building had been removed of all noticeable value, it went up in flames.  How do you say insurance fraud in Korean?

Thanks to Whitney Teacher for taking some pictures of the blaze google kalender herunterladen. Below is just one account of the fire from a foreign teacher who was actually there, which I took directly from his blog. Thanks Steve.

I was teaching in a classroom on the fifth floor that faced the street, so all we could see was the glow of a fire from somewhere ing app downloaden op macbook.  I began to smell smoke, so I went to the hallway to see what was going on. Through the window in the stairwell, I could see that the building next to my school was engulfed in flames […] and other classes began to pour out into the hallway. […] We headed down to the lobby on the second floor where most of the students had gathered.  Apparently, some classes had tried to leave the school, but the smoke was too intense.  The building on fire was a three story construction project that has been sitting vacant for at least a year. It is also only about ten feet from ECC.  […] From the window, I could see two cars in ECC’s driveway that were on fire.  It was a little chaotic leaving the school.  Directions were being shouted in Korean and there was ash and embers raining down on us.  One of the receptionist’s scarves caught on fire.  Some people’s jackets were singed. We walked down the street away from the fire as quickly as we could.  Thankfully no one was hurt during the incident.  Things are handled a little differently here than they are in the States.  The road in front of the school was never closed.  In fact at one point, the firefighters ran a hose across the street to another fire hydrant, but the cars were still allowed to drive across it.  That was fine until a bus went over it and broke the hose.