Teaching English

Kindergarten Open Day

It’s been one of those months you just want to end, which is too bad because of all the wonderful sunshine soundcloud songs download apple. We’ve been preparing since the end of May for two days of Kindergarten open days which are happening right now. This is a time for the parents to see where their money has been going, as they sit in on our classes and watch us waygookens do a wide-eyed wobble in front of the whiteboard herunterladen. Stress much? I finished two out of three open classes today and then had the pleasure of sitting in for a “question and answer” session with the parents tiptoi pferde und ponys herunterladen. Did you ever see Lost in Translation? There is this great scene where Bill Murray is shooting a commercial for some kind of whiskey, and the director just starts rambling on and on in Japanese movies on the internet. Minutes later the translator turns to Bill and says something like, “Hold your hand higher.” Today in my meetings with the parents, one of the moms went on for maybe 3 minutes with facial expressions galore: Jason sawn seng neem this, and Jason sawn seng neem that herunterladen. Then my partner teacher turns to me and says, “Why did you give her son a bad evaluation?” Hmmm, how do you say in Korean “royal pain in the assproblems met ing app? The irony of this whole open day situation is that the parents come to the school for a taste of the everyday learning environment, but it’s all been rehearsed many times einrichtungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden. Now I’m thinking about those stealth marketers you hear of in major US cities who are paid to approach total strangers with some fancy new wyziwig and ask you to take a picture of them in front of some retardation herunterladen. I’m pretty sure a parent even asked today if we had done that lesson before because it seemed so smooth. Oh well, one more day and I’ll return to my usual routine of teaching English raft spiel herunterladen.