World Photonics Expo Photos

NEWSFLASH ::::: : We took a field trip to the photonics expo with the student only a week later :::  : : : :: ::

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Gwangju Sangmu Citizen’s Park from April 2 to May 9, 2010. Check out some of the choice Korean attempts at professional English writing that I pulled from the brochure ajax tickets downloaden.

“People around the worlds are following the enormous potential of photonics”

“The science class where has learning programs of various science about lights origin and kinds by characteristic interesting methods.”

“We meeting the theme image by 3D Animation”

“The article space where were creating by citizen and photonics artist.”

“Seven kinds of power contents which is able to experiencing only at the Photonics Expo.”

“You can watching the dynamic story of the light which is keeping the earth from darkness…”

“You can joyful experiencing and understanding the light’s principle by established various lights facilities.”

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