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Seoul part 3

Gyeongbok Palace Seoul South Korea
Gyeongbokgung in Seoul

Due to mechanical errors on the part of Delta Airlines, visitors did not end up coming to Korea this past weekend, but we said ‘what the hell’ and went to Seoul anyways ical downloaden. It was our third trip to the World’s second largest metropolitan area, and this time we decided to visit Gyeongbok Palace. Originally constructed in 1394 by a General whose name I cannot pronounce, Gyeongbuk-gung was Korea’s center of government and royal housing chrome windows 7 herunterladen. It has since been destroyed (and rebuilt) several times, and is now shadowed by many modern high-rises. Being the palace in Seoul, I expected it to be really amazing, but all the restorative construction and security cameras took away from the history a little herunterladen von vorlagen vom client und von deaktivieren. The ‘Changing of the Guard’ ceremony was a nice touch though. A guard wails on giant a war drum, and into the crowd march a fresh set of traditionally dressed castle guards to relieve those currently posted at the palace entrance audio von webseitenen. Pretty cool stuff.

Inside Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea
Inside Gyeongbokgung, towards the back

In comparison to the Forbidden City in China, which we visited just last month, Gyeongbuk-gung seemed identical in architecture and layout herunterladen. Gyeongbuk-gung, however, was much less crowded and more open to exploring; there were a lot of fences in China. We got to the palace via a 20 minute subway ride from Gangseo — Line 9, transferred at Yeouido to Line 5 and rode that to Gwanghwamun Station icloud fotos automatischen.

Standing above two Korean women on the subway who were looking at a brochure for “dream care” eye surgery, the train jolted slightly and Erica bumped a man in a suit netflixen chrome. In perfect English, he asked where we were from and some other typical blah blah. “I am office worker for Samsung. Do you like Samsung?” he asked pocketbook ebook herunterladen. “Yes,” I replied. “My computer monitor is Samsung”. He laughed, and very politely excused himself by saying, “I am very drunk, and will go to drink more.” “I couldn’t even tell,” I responded rockstar herunterladen. “This is our stop anyways”. Making our way up from the wormy catacombs and into the brisk Friday night air, we immediately noticed a Korean man passed out kneeling in an alleyway with his ass straight up in the air photos from icloud mediathek. It was then she said it, “I need to start writing about these things in my journal so I know they really happened”.