A few people back home have been asking what we did in Korea to celebrate the new year. A moon gazing hike up Mudeung-san? Attending the Sunrise Festival with a backpack full of beers ard mediathek broadcast? All night bar hopping and bell ringing in Seoul? Although we discussed doing all of these things, we actually did none of them. Mudeung was too cold, Mokpo too local (even by local standards), and Seoul promised only madness drive google herunterladen. So instead a bunch of us foreigners headed downtown here in Gwangju for an evening of celebration.

A bar called Pub is where we spent most of the night casually drinking pitchers and ripping shots of tequila vorbestellte spiele herunterladen ps4. Pub was unique for a few reasons. The menu, although written in hangul, spelled English words. Water, for example, was listed as 오어트 (~watuh) film van instagram download. The Korean word for water is 물 (~mool). It went on like this; English words written in Hangul. As a native English speaker that can read Hangul, this was kind of cool zoom app kostenlos mac. For once I was able to place an order without feeling like a cave man. But what of the everyday Korean man? Does he read 오어트 and think to himself “와트 다 바크?” (~what the fuck) farmville 2 für pc kostenlosen. I pondered this with my foreign chums, and three bottles of tequila later, we were still pondering. The great thing about Pub really is their menu; you can order a 1 litre bottle of Jose Cuervo for 49000 KRW herunterladen. Too drunk to finish? Why that’s no problem at all! A few pen strokes across a leather bound linear field of blue micro dots, and they’ll cork your bottle for next time — free of any additional charge herunterladen. Come back and finish whenever within 90 days.

As the clock neared midnight, we meandered our way into the clogged artery of center city Gwangju, unsure of what to even expect or look for android mms bild herunterladen. It was cold and we were not sober, so the decision was made early not to wander very far from the nearest bar. We settled on a tighty packed area in front of 5.18 Democracy Square herunterladen. At eleven fifty-nine fourty-nine, the drunken countdown began. “Ship… Gooooo… Paaaal… Chiil… Yooook… Ohhhh… Saaaaa… Saaaam… Eeeeeee… Eeeeeel….