another korean wedding

We attended our second Korean wedding this past weekend for one of our co-teachers. Lookin’ pretty good, right? The bride wasn’t too bad either… All jesting aside, it was pretty much exactly like the last Korean wedding we went to back in January– or was it December saturn prospekt herunterladen? Another cabbage leaf in the kimchi pot at this point. Being that the weddings were not in a church or temple, a friend back home asked if there was any religious significance to the ceremony minecraft downloaden op chromebook. Although there does not appear to be any spiritual influence, it’s hard knowing what the old man behind the alter is rambling on for twenty minutes about unless you speak 한국 sony senderliste herunterladen. After the ceremony, the groom got down in the aisle and started doing push ups with his new bride sitting on his back. The crowd loved it. “It’s to show he is strong and ready for the night,” one of my Korean friends explained youtube videos downloaden und speichern ipad. A rather embarrassing moment occurred a few minutes later when friends of the bride gathered together for a group photo. I was all the way at the end of the crowd, and very eager to get this over with in order to peruse the spectacular buffet downstairs asphalt 9 herunterladen. The photographer snapped a few pictures, made a squirrely motion and said some shit which I interpreted as ‘finished’.  So I stepped out of line rather fast sounds von tiktok herunterladen. Everyone suddenly started clapping, and before I could react, a Korean woman out of nowhere put the iron grip to my arm and literally dragged me over to the bride kwisvragen. I had broke formation at the worst possible moment. They needed a picture of someone catching the bouquet, and it was going to be me. Fuck.