“You’re an exception to all of my rules, and a bonafide rarity!”

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your blog! Signed a contract to teach English at a hogwan in Gwangju just a few days ago. Found your blog last night and read straight through from start to finish! Really awesome and informative stuff. THANK YOU. Definitely going to keep it as a bookmark. :)”

“I just found your blog, and read through the entire thing.”

“We really enjoyed reading your blog.”

“It’s some sort of shame you don’t employ a give money press button!”

“[…]Thank you for the recommendation and useful phrase!”

“I have not understood, what you mean?”

“Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable source?”

“Definitely a Japanese Maple.”

“We ate here fairly often – good food in spite of the name…..or was it because of the name??”

“I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your posts as it’s taking me back to the “happy fun time” of South Korea! Thanks!”

“Love the pics and your blog. Thanks for sharing.”

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