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Korean Service

ps4 systemsoftware 6.72 herunterladen nicht möglich Have you been to any business yet and heard the woman or man behind the counter shout “Service!” before giving you something for free herunterladen? This concept took a little while to adjust too, but I’ve written a quick post about the meaning of service in Korea on Tripwolf […]

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Food in Korea: Eat and be Fearless

Forget about BeeBimBap and Bulgogi. There is a wide world of Korean cuisine out there just waiting to be explored by the Western palate. Some of it is really quite delicious, and some of it, well… let’s just say that you’ll want to be sure and keep the toilet paper fully stocked.


Busan Korea in the Spring

In celebration of making my 18th million, we went back to Busan this past weekend for some major shopping. To my surprise, the Gukje Market in Busan’s Nampo-dong had almost as many bootlegs as we saw at the “well known place for slaughter of foreigner dollars,” better known as the Silk Street Market in Beijing, […]


Hiking in Jirisan National Park

Download background image for free Crossed another one off the TO-DO list in hiking Cheonwangbong (천왕봉) on Jirisan (지리산) this past weekend. At 1910 meters, 천왕봉 is the tallest peak on mainland South Korea alle facebook fotosen. It is also the tallest mountain I’ve personally ever hiked, and there were a few mental / physical […]


World Photonics Expo Photos

NEWSFLASH ::::: : We took a field trip to the photonics expo with the student only a week later :::  : : : :: :: Read about all the neon, fire, and hardcore pornography on Tripwolf here herunterladen. Gwangju Sangmu Citizen’s Park from April 2 to May 9, 2010. Check out some of the choice […]

Teaching English

March misery

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but it has been a long month tick tock herunterladen. Sickness, scheduling conflicts, shitty weather, students that just don’t know when to shut the eff up…. it all added up to one miserable March herunterladen. It was probably the hardest month for us since coming here in September. […]

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Bootlegs and Lots of BOOM: Chinese New Year in China

folk music for free Some good stuff here about my trip to China during the Lunar New Year, now posted on tripwolf. Check em out! The Horrors of Chinese Street Food Where to Buy Bootleg Shit in China Chinese New Year, in China vergabeunterlagen im vergabe24 bietercockpit herunterladen you never walk alone herunterladen tagebuch app […]