Teaching English

Japanese Maple or Marijuana?

Today, we saw for the first time bandannas selected by one of the Korean teachers for the kinder students to wear during their song and dance, “Summer Nights” herunterladen. “Don’t you think these look a lot like marijuana leaves?” I asked one of the Koreans prime musicen. “What!? Really!? No it’s maple leaf.” Given the […]


Learn Hangul, the Korean Language… slowly

Three months now of studying Korean, and according to my Korean teacher, I am a master of incomplete sentence structure vw app herunterladen. It’s hard. Verbs are especially difficult to get a hold of because the form is changed to suite necessary and nonsensical formalities of everyday Korean conversation fifa. For instance, moak da (목다) […]


The DMZ Tour at Panmunjeom Joint Security Area

There have been two Korea’s since the end of World War II; The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North) and the Republic of Korea (South).  This past weekend on our trip to Seoul, we toured a small part of the Demilitarized “buffer” zone (DMZ) between the two countries bitlocker download kostenlos. It was Friday he […]

Korean Food Teaching English

Pepero Day (빼빼로 일)

Pepero, yet another product from the all encompassing Korean conglomerati known as Lotte, apparently has it’s own day. November 11th, Armistice Day in other parts of the world, is Pepero Day in South Korea — the tastiest and most ridiculous holiday of them all.  South Koreans buy and give away hoards of the chocolate dipped […]