For the longest time in Korea, I wanted clothing designed with Hangul, but all the trendy shops ever had in stock were Western representations; Marlboro t-shirts, incorrectly spelled Ive League school sweatshirts — pretty much any emblem of bootlegged American pop culture one could imagine. Koreans (and let’s not forget the Chinese) love a good copyright infringement…. and so do I. Check out these ridiculous coca-cola hipster jeans by Kello. Made in Korea and high quality, I was assured. You’ll be the coolest kid at the roller rink sporting a pair of these.

3 thoughts on “Ridiculous Hipster Jeans”

  1. I’ve been looking for a while to find Hangul clothing as well. Barely ever do I find it, and when I do, it’s not all too pretty. Gotta stick to Coca Cola jeans, then.

  2. Yeah I can’t even wear these without being made fun of. Who doesn’t love a good laugh though? Insa dong has some pretty sweet Hangul t shirts, but the only one’s not looking tacky are by the same designer.

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