Korean Blog List

Brian in Jeollanam-do : View Site

A blog about Korean news, culture, events and education. A must view for anyone living in (or going to) the South Jeolla province.

Busan Haps : View Site

The English magazine for what’s happening in Busan. Includes hot spots for eating and drinking. Never a dull moment in Korea’s second largest city.

The Bobster : View Site

Although the Bobster is a teacher in South Korea, he posts many fascinating pictures regarding Korean pop culture, architecture, street scenes, and various oddities.

Expat Hell : View Site

Glorious cynicism and a refreshing dose of truth. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns over there geld verdienen herunterladen.

Galbijim : View Site

A collaborative WIKI community with almost 10,000 articles; advice on living, working, and traveling in Korea. They have a great forums page as well.

Gwangju Guide : View Site

All sort of great information for anyone getting to know the Gwangju area. Owned and operated by the Gwangju International Center.

Korea Food Crime : View Site

Interesting and often amusing observations about “potential risks and dangers” associated with eating certain Korean foods.

Nanoomi : View Site

An aggregate of postings from popular K-blogs which is comprised of a community of writers, translators and Korea-enthusiasts spiele kostenlos tablet.

Official Gwangju English Blog : View Site

The City of Light and Art. Worth a visit, worth a lifetime. Where have I heard that cheese before?

Exploring Korea : View Site

A traveling guide in Korea that features a lot of user generated content. Clicking on Gwangju returns a 404 error.

The Marmot’s Hole : View Site

A blog where people go to discuss Korea that is run by a magazine editor in Seoul.

Roboseyo : View Site

Former ATEK Volunteer and Korea Herald contributing writer virus protection trial version for free. Commentary on everything from marijuana to Kim Yuna’s perfect skate!

Blackout Korea : View Site

Pictures of people in Korea passed out drunk in public. It happens more often than you might think. The blog recently moved to being “invite only” after so many people in the K-blogosphere called blew up the site as racist, immature, juvenile, derogatory, crude, inappropriate, terrible, offensive, irrelevant, spiteful, etc.. etc.. etc… I just thought it was funny.

The XOXO Kids : View Site

A blog run by model ChadChad that professes to be the best of Korean street style, runway fashion, and party love. Pink is the only color of Rock and Roll.

Homebrew Korea : View Site

It doesn’t take very long to discover that the beer in Korea is pretty much pure shite herunterladen. Luckily, a group of Ex-pats have banded together to brew their own beer using local ingredients. Check them out for recipes, tips, tricks, troubleshooting and beer tasting events in Korea.


ESL Recrutiers


KOCALINK is a small family-run recruiting business. The owners have previously managed hakwons in both South Korea and Canada. The founder understands first-hand the difficulties of learning English as a Second Language, and is currently a teacher who instructs students from all over the world. Their primary goal is to make the application process for teachers as transparent and professional as possible. If you are looking to teach ESL in Korea, I’d suggest checking them out xbox live downloaden.

Teaching English in Korea Blogs

The Asian Persuasion : View Site

Expatriate from Canada living in Seoul while teaching English to kindergarten and elementary children who are really smart apparently.

Butterfly Stories from the Future : View Site

A hagwon elementary / middle school teacher that I worked with in Gwangju. Lot’s of great pictures here.

The Daily Kimchi : View Site

A Canadian couple that was previously living and teaching English in Seoul. Lots of great “How To” information.

Eat Your Kimchi : View Old Site : View New Site

A married couple living in Korea since 2008 that post numerous videos about life in Korea how can I download movies from youtube. The old link above is to their original blog, which is no longer updated, but has some good insights into life as an ex-pat in Korea. It has since evolved into a full blown video commentary website. At the time I first posted this link, they had 22,000 social media followers. Now they have over 79,000. K-Pop music Mondays, I have to say, is pretty entertaining. Check em out before they have their own TV show.

Much Ado About Kimchi : View Site

Lots of love coming from a teacher in “a country that amuses and fascinates just as it annoys and infuriates”.

Miguk in Hanguk : View Site

Writing about a year long contract teaching kindergarten at a hagwon in Gwangju downloaden in chrome.

Kimchi Icecream : View Site

Sounds foul, but this veteran teacher has been living and teaching English to a variety of age groups in Korea since March 2005.

The Kimchi Chronicles : View Site

Another teacher living and working in Gwangju with great resources for anyone living in (or headed to) Korea’s fifth largest city.

Lost on Jeju : View Site

Blogging about teaching in Korea’s semi-tropical paradise since 2006. Includes opinions and analysis regarding perceptions of foreigners by the Korean media.

Life Among Kimchi : View Site

A great Teacher that we worked with at a hagwon in Gwangju who is now living, teaching, and studying in Seoul herunterladen.

Rice… Again? : View Site

If they just added butter and salt, it wouldn’t taste so bland. More writing about a year long contract teaching kindergarten at a hagwon in Gwangju.

The Waygook Effect : View Site

Any non-Korean person is called a Waygook. Get used to the sound of it if you plan on living in Korea.

Korea Blogs : View Site

Korean News (in English)

The Korea Herald : View Site

The #1 English Newspaper, so the website claims.

The Korea Times : View Site

Latest News and Opinion from the Land of Morning Calm android apps without play store.

Yonhap News Agency : View Site

Publicly funded news agency and the only Korean wire service that regularly works with foreign news agencies. The Korean government gives Yonhap financial assistance as well, which perhaps limits their news gathering ability and press freedom.

JoongAng Daily : View Site

One of three daily English newspaper publications in Korea.

The Chosun Ilbo : View Site

A major newspapers in South Korea with daily circulation over 2 million. In the past, the publication has run stories on foreign English teachers that have been criticized by the corresponding English teaching community as “sensationalist and xenophobic.”

International Herald Tribune : View Site

Global edition of The New York Times wie kann ich zdf mediathek downloaden.