This blog has been getting a few hits a week now from people searching “haircut in korea” or something similar to. Probably they end up finding this blog because of a rant a while back about how awkward it was getting my first haircut in Korea. No doubt, when the stylist speaks little to no English, getting a haircut in Korea can be an awkard, nail biting experience. You can approach this a few ways.

1. Bring a picture and hope for the best. I go to a place called Hair Tokyo in Gwangju. They actually bring out a huge picture book of different styles for me to choose from. Most are over the top ridiculous, and I’d rather not look like a pointed, blond penis (G-Dragon).

2. Attempt to communicate with gestures and whatever Korean you know. This might work out great… Or it could be the poorest of poor ideas.

3. Have a Korean write down on paper what you want. I’ve been doing this for 9 months now without failure. If you don’t have any Korean friends yet, print this out and use it. It means, keep my current style and don’t go fucking nuts with the shears.

8 thoughts on “how to get your haircut in korea”

  1. hi there,
    thanks for the tip. i’m visiting gwangju for the month and am in dire need of haricut – whereabouts is hair tokyo?

  2. Can you tell me how to pronounce that in Korea, roughly? I’d like to try to say it and then point if I fail!

    Also, thank you for the recommendation and useful phrase! I got a new haircut a few months ago and have worried about how to maintain it once I get to Gwangju.

    1. I posted a reply back in June asking about how to pronounce this. I’m in Gwangju now, and once I can find Hair Tokyo I’m going to print off your instructions and see how it goes.

  3. Where’s the original rant? I saw it a couple days ago and can’t find it now.

    I just got a hair cut last night and wanted to link to a better/funnier writer.

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