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You’ve heard it before. Studies have been released which conclude that people don’t actually read online… They scan. Things online should be interesting to read in order to capture one’s attention quickly. So what the fuck are you doing here then? There’s definitely some funny shit buried in the archives, I think, but given the 71% bounce rate, it seems that most of you visitors are just looking for a map. Get a fucking smart phone. Be like everyone else and look down while you masturbate with the technicolor warming lube. Seriously though, thanks to all the 7,139 unique visitors. There have been some amazing comments from Teachers, travelers, Korean War vets, Kick ass Burlingtonians, and fellow K-Bloggers. It’s been totally organic, and I love it!

Thank. you. so. much.

King of the Bay by Phil DiVece

I’m not usually one to advertise on this site, but this book was totally self published from the ground up by myself and the author, Phil Di Vece. After two previous, whack-a-doo editions and nearly three years of hacking my way through InDesign, the project is complete. It has virtually nothing to do with Korea. Pure, wholesome, Americana. Behold, King of the Bay.

new jersey short stories

King of the Bay


190 pages
Publisher: Freelance
Originally Novemeber 13, 2008
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1440420327

Once upon a time, a pair of modern day pirates roamed the waters of Manahawkin Bay on the New Jersey shore, robbing clammers of their days harvest at gun point. But when they rob an old timer, Joe Cavalier, they get more than they bargained for. Discover how Joe and his pal Stubby match wits with the Clam Pirates, and share in their day-to-day adventures in King of the Bay.
This collection of short stories set on Long Beach Island in the 1960’s offers enjoyable reading for anyone who has ever visited this gem on the Jersey coast. Although the characters are fictional, many of the places mentioned by the author were and are real.