video of inside north korea

kim il sung statue

As the time steadily rises down on my stay here in Korea, I find less and less worth writing about here on the blog. Strange, because there has been a lot going on lately. I’ve been interested in North Korea given the recent headlines, and I watched a bizarre 60 minute movie yesterday called Welcome to North Korea. Peter Tetteroo and Raymond Feddema document their Orwellian like journey through the D.P.R.K. during the mid 2000’s. One particularly striking scene is a long shot of a North Korean official busily directly traffic in Pyongyang. The camera zooms out, and we see that there is no traffic in need of being directed. For anyone at all interested in the current situation with North Korea, the American Media is doing a brilliant job of fanning the flames. Things are fine. No worries. I am worried about things back home though. How much more will the Earth bleed before the ocean dies?