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As morning light arrived in 1958, my eyes automatically turned to the top of Mudeung-san. It gave me the weather report for the day. Aloft in my underpowered aircraft, the top of Mudeung-san told me that I was nearly home, my makeshift, abandoned stucco cottage left by the Japanese Imperial Army. Looking for the sole grass airstrip, I knew that the winds of Mt. Mudeung-san cast confusing streams of air current. Hence, I had to get low enough to see flag directions. Over the tents of the Republic of Korea, 1st Corp army my L-19 plane allowed me to escape the ardurous gravel road trip from Taejon by Jeep. That small detachment of 26 Americans surrounded by 4,000 Korean troops was home through parts of two winters. More than a half century later, Korea has changed immensely. But, Mudeung-san stands as ever, symbolic in the heart of an old warrior.

— Vernon J. Hendrix, M. D.. Mableton, Georgia. United States.

Taking it way back

video of inside north korea

kim il sung statue

As the time steadily rises down on my stay here in Korea, I find less and less worth writing about here on the blog. Strange, because there has been a lot going on lately. I’ve been interested in North Korea given the recent headlines, and I watched a bizarre 60 minute movie yesterday called Welcome to North Korea. Peter Tetteroo and Raymond Feddema document their Orwellian like journey through the D.P.R.K. during the mid 2000’s. One particularly striking scene is a long shot of a North Korean official busily directly traffic in Pyongyang. The camera zooms out, and we see that there is no traffic in need of being directed. For anyone at all interested in the current situation with North Korea, the American Media is doing a brilliant job of fanning the flames. Things are fine. No worries. I am worried about things back home though. How much more will the Earth bleed before the ocean dies?


old photos of korea

Harnessing the power of the internet, I stumbled across these old Seoul Korea pictures from pre World War II that provide a visual history of South Korea. They were taken in the Seoul area circa early 1930’s. I thought they were interesting and figured it was worth sharing the history.