Travel More.When you're on a bus like this, the tendency is to forget where you are. All of the ambient non-sense, and unnecessary dialogue, will scramble your brain. Next time, get your own car first.
무등산Mudeung Mountain is one of the most famous landmarks in Gwangju, and is regarded as the Guardian mountain of the city.
Memories of BusanIt was right around this time 2010 that we were in Busan for a long weekend, and I really wished that I was there today.
Nature Photos of South KoreaNature Photography from places all over South Korea likeJeju-do, Seorak-san, Mudeung-san, Busan, & Boseong using both my Canon A590 and EOS D60 digital cameras
Seoul Lantern Festival 2009Polish up on yer chop-sticking, bow from the waist, and don’t forget to take your fucking shoes off because 2010-2012 is Visit Korea Year! That’s what I learned on our second trip to Seoul last ...
Seoul Namsan Tower Namsan Tower, more commonly known as Seoul tower, is one of the most blatant over the top rip-offs I've found in Korea. We went there on a Saturday night.
Cookin' Nanta Korea: Weygookins Beware!The critically acclaimed South Korean musical, Nanta, is now playing in Jeju City on Jeju Island (also playing in Seoul, Gangnam Area).
Damyang Bamboo Forest Park and Other SightsFifty minutes on a bus from the U-Square Terminal in Gwangju will bring you to the epicenter of Korean bamboo, Damyang.
July in Jeju: Waterfalls, Sea Caves, Hallasan, and the HyattNearly all Korean hagwon teachers get 6 days off for Summer vacation during July. We spent ours in (or on) Jeju-do. For the second time, I stayed at the Tae Gong Gak located above the Seogwipo Harbor.
Busan Korea in the SpringIn celebration of making my 18th million, we went back to Busan this past weekend for some major shopping.
Bootlegs and Lots of BOOM: Chinese New Year in ChinaSome good stuff here about my trip to China during the Lunar New Year, now posted on tripwolf.
The Sunset Outside of Seoul The sun is setting behind a neighborhood of skyscrapers, 20 minutes outside Seoul.
Seoul part 3 Due to mechanical errors on the part of Delta Airlines, visitors did not end up coming to Korea this past weekend, but we said 'what the hell' and went to Seoul anyways.
Seoul Korea Metro Map - English Visitors arrive from the United States this coming Friday, and it looks like I'll be busing up to Seoul for a late night rendezvous. "You can get to our hotel via Line 9 of the Subway.
Fake Breitling and Rolex: Made in China You can find much you don't need on the streets of Beijing. $500 for the pair was her asking price, and after nearly 20 minutes of back and forth, I got them both for $95.
Lunar New Year in BeijingSome images from our trip to Beijing, China for the Lunar New Year.
Christmas in Seoraksan National ParkI've posted on Tripwolf my experiences hiking Seoraksan in December. From what I remember of this, it was cold. I'm from Maine and it was definitely really fucking cold there last December.
snowboarding in KoreaAll the foreign brands were there -- Burton, Anon, Oakley, Technine, Ride, Spy, Vokl -- which seemed surprising for a country so keen on it's own fashion identity.
seoul, take 2 In Korea, if you want the price lowered, you say "ga ga joosayo". Hahaha. I think this is hilarious, and apparently so do some Koreans.
The DMZ Tour at Panmunjeom Joint Security AreaThere have been two Korea's since the end of World War II; The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North) and the Republic of Korea (South).
around Jeollanam-Do: Suncheon, Nagan Folk Village, Songgwang-saPictures from the southern most province in South Korea on a beautiful November day; sunny and 70's.
October in Jeju-do, Chuseok Holiday Getting there from Gwangju: Bus to Mokpo - 50 minutes, 3000 WON Taxi to Mokpo Passenger Ferry Terminal: 5000 WON. There are two terminals in Mokpo, but both have ferries to Jeju.
Seoul, Take 1.. It was a weekend of firsts; visiting Seoul and going to a professional soccer game at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

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