Korean GraffitiWork lingers hard.

glassw4re, February 20, 2013

Dentists in South Korea According to Wikipedia, a dental cavity "is a disease wherein bacterial processes damage hard tooth structure".

glassw4re, November 29, 2012

Departure / Reunion/ UnemploymentThis was originally written in October of 2010 and never published. Here it is now.

glassw4re, May 27, 2011

Seoul Lantern Festival 2009Polish up on yer chop-sticking, bow from the waist, and don’t forget to take your fucking shoes off because 2010-2012 is Visit Korea Year! That’s what I learned on our second trip to Seoul last ...

glassw4re, November 8, 2010

South Korea English Map of Gwangju, Seoul, Busan, Daegu The Korea Tourism Association's official website has the coolest nighttime English map of Gwangju.

admin, October 24, 2010

Korean Service Have you been to any business yet and heard the woman or man behind the counter shout "Service!" before giving you something for free? This concept took a little while to adjust too, but I've writte...

glassw4re, September 17, 2010

how to get your haircut in koreaThis blog has been getting a few hits a week now from people searching "haircut in korea" or something similar to.

glassw4re, August 8, 2010

Drinking in Korea Drinking is a sport in Korea. Read about the rules on Tripwolf.

glassw4re, August 2, 2010

Where? Where?I finally learned how to say where in Korean which has brought limitless entertainment.

glassw4re, June 28, 2010

watching the game at gwangju world cup stadium Last night, we went over to the Gwangju World Cup stadium to watch Korea vs Uruguay on the big screen. The place was packed with screaming fans, face paint, and fried chicken.

glassw4re, June 27, 2010

bongseon-dong, namgu, gwangju, south koreaThis post is long overdue. Behold! Bongseon-dong, Namgu, Gwangju, South Korea. A virtual tour of our neighborhood. A box in the sky is where I live. Some are much nicer than others.

glassw4re, May 19, 2010

dead buildings Don't be fooled, they are not Churches. So far as I can tell, these buildings are completely abandon.

glassw4re, May 19, 2010

boseong green tea festival after children's dayOver the weekend, we went to the Boseong Green Tea festival held in the neighboring town of -- you guessed it -- Boseong.

glassw4re, May 10, 2010

another korean wedding We attended our second Korean wedding this past weekend for one of our co-teachers. Lookin' pretty good, right? The bride wasn't too bad either...

glassw4re, April 22, 2010

World Photonics Expo PhotosNEWSFLASH ::::: : We took a field trip to the photonics expo with the student only a week later :::  : : : :: :: Read about all the neon, fire, and hardcore pornography on Tripwolf here.

glassw4re, April 19, 2010

around Gwangju World Cup Stadium

glassw4re, March 21, 2010

Seoul part 3 Due to mechanical errors on the part of Delta Airlines, visitors did not end up coming to Korea this past weekend, but we said 'what the hell' and went to Seoul anyways.

glassw4re, March 14, 2010

hide your nuts! Found this beauty at the base of Mudeung Mountain in Gwangju. Yes, it's true, the sign says to beware of squirrels. Of all the dangers to warn people about when hiking, someone chose squirrels.

glassw4re, March 10, 2010

hey look, i'm being interviewed by KBS1. Guess they don't see too many mee-gooks shopping at the Saturday flea market."You... why... here?" the reporter asked, struggling even to find those words. "Looking for souvenirs mostly.

glassw4re, March 1, 2010

around Sajik Park, GwangjuWinter is just about meeting it's end here in Gwangju, South Korea. I'm not even sure if there was a winter.

glassw4re, February 11, 2010

The Language Barrier

glassw4re, January 20, 2010

Weddings in KoreaI didn't even know the bride's name, but when one of the Korean teachers invited the whole school to her wedding this past weekend, we couldn't refuse a chance to see how the East does it.

glassw4re, January 18, 2010

twenty-tenA few people back home have been asking what we did in Korea to celebrate the new year.

glassw4re, January 5, 2010

iphone collides with korean peninsula...And promises to conquer all.

glassw4re, December 14, 2009

Learn Hangul, the Korean Language... slowly Three months now of studying Korean, and according to my Korean teacher, I am a master of incomplete sentence structure. It's hard.

glassw4re, November 22, 2009

taekwondobama!U.S. President Barack Obama will be given an honorary taekwondo belt to mark his first visit to Korea on Wednesday and Thursday.

glassw4re, November 20, 2009

black and white photos of Korea

glassw4re, October 22, 2009

Traditional Alcohol No idea of the name, it was located in a basement near Chosun University, and filled with college students.

glassw4re, October 11, 2009

Breaking Down Barriers with BoozeComing up from the subway on our way to Yangdong Market, we found our selves in the middle of a sidewalk shopping center; everything from sun visors to rack of cow.

glassw4re, September 27, 2009

Yangdong Market in GwangjuYangdong is a traditional Korean marketplace, located in a large warehouse that is built atop the Gwangjucheon Stream.

glassw4re, September 27, 2009

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