Upcoming PBS Series about Food in Korea Premiering at some point here in 2011 is a brand new series on PBS about Korean food called The Kimchi Chronicles, and it looks like this one is going to cover more than just sam gyop sal and dak ba...

glassw4re, January 19, 2011

Korean Service Have you been to any business yet and heard the woman or man behind the counter shout "Service!" before giving you something for free? This concept took a little while to adjust too, but I've writte...

glassw4re, September 17, 2010

Food in Korea: Eat and be FearlessForget about BeeBimBap and Bulgogi. There is a wide world of Korean cuisine out there just waiting to be explored by the Western palate. Some of it is really quite delicious, and some of it, well...

glassw4re, August 3, 2010

Bootlegs and Lots of BOOM: Chinese New Year in ChinaSome good stuff here about my trip to China during the Lunar New Year, now posted on tripwolf.

glassw4re, March 22, 2010

Korean Street Food: Orange Parking Lot TarpsKeeping in the spirit of wanting to try new things, I've been eating some weird stuff lately.

glassw4re, February 2, 2010

Cock: Korean Food Found this gem across from a Smoothie King right in the heart of downtown Gwangju today.

glassw4re, January 24, 2010

Pepero Day (빼빼로 일)Pepero, yet another product from the all encompassing Korean conglomerati known as Lotte, apparently has it's own day.

glassw4re, November 11, 2009

in deep kimchi Gwangju World Cup stadium this year was the venue for the Kimchi Cultural Festival; a seven day celebration (without mud or mind altering drugs) of all things inspired by vegetables rotting in a cera...

glassw4re, November 8, 2009

Korean Fast Food Yeah they've got McDonald's, but a feast at Lotteria is where it's at.

glassw4re, October 25, 2009

Traditional Alcohol No idea of the name, it was located in a basement near Chosun University, and filled with college students.

glassw4re, October 11, 2009

Breaking Down Barriers with BoozeComing up from the subway on our way to Yangdong Market, we found our selves in the middle of a sidewalk shopping center; everything from sun visors to rack of cow.

glassw4re, September 27, 2009

Yangdong Market in GwangjuYangdong is a traditional Korean marketplace, located in a large warehouse that is built atop the Gwangjucheon Stream.

glassw4re, September 27, 2009

Anatomy of a Korean Meal Pictured above is a typical meal at a Korean restaurant that we got for less than $20 US.

glassw4re, August 29, 2009

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